Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Transmitter Site Shots

I'm trying to collect some photos for the wall in my office. I've decided on the guitar shot from the first post and now need at least one more. I've been to the radio transmitter site that I maintain a couple of times in the last week and got some good shots while I was there. Even though there are only 4 of you who read this blog (okay, 3 if I don't count my self!), your thoughts on your favorite (if you have one) would be appreciated. Keep in mind, I took over an office at work that used to be a studio and it's very, very blue.


  1. Also, take the word verification off your comments, it's annoying!

  2. Top one for sure. Putting up more blue on blue would be too much. The black and whites don't have enough contrast to be overly interesting.

    The top one goes well with the colours of the guitar and has a lot more to it.

  3. Thanks for the comments everyone. You guys have all chosen a different one! Haha. Tkins makes a good point about the bottom one going with the guitar picture though...

    Also, word verification removed.

  4. I did not even know you had a blog. I missed the last bus out I guess....those are some great photos. I like the blue picture, huge contrast...and just to verify....just kidding...
    You might however, look at toning down your office studio to a lighter color some weekend. I know you have so much down time.......You have given me an idea that my office needs some photos that stand out. All my maps although interesting, now seem bland.

  5. My favorite is the top one. I seem to be the minority though!

    They are all great though!

  6. I wish that I could change the colour in my office. Unfortunately, it's an old studio and the blue is from carpet on the wall, not paint!

    Thanks for the votes/input everyone. I'm going to go with the top one and the guitar from the first post, as well as the Viking radio circuit board for a second wall.