Monday, February 14, 2011

Err 99 and part 1 of the photo shoot

I ran into a bit of trouble yesterday during the shoot. Not only was Lethbridge experiencing hurricane force winds (seriously, the winds gusted up to 130 km/hr....see one of the pics below for proof) but I had an error pop up on my camera that I've never seen before.

Now, the great thing about modern electronics is that they are so affordable that pretty much anyone can save up for something like a DSLR camera in a relatively short time frame. The trouble with modern electronics is that they are built that everyone can afford them! On the other hand, since so many people have various electronics, when you do run into a problem, chances are that many others have had the same problem. Which brings us back to the aforementioned error, or "Err 99" as it is known in the Canon world.

The error popped up on the camera once or twice yesterday and took a battery removal to reset it every time. Just slightly disheartening. It seemed fine for most of the day afterward. Then, today, my wife went to use the camera and the same error popped up and would clear on restart, only to pop up again when we tried to shoot another picture. It happened over and over until the camera wouldn't even shoot a picture. So, we did what anyone would do in that situation, we googled the problem. We found this site, which turned out to be extremely valuable. I'll save you all the details but we tried the first few steps in his troubleshooting process and eventually got the camera up and running (for now, anyway) after cleaning the lens contacts with a pencil eraser. For all you Canon users (current or future), take note of that site as it appears to be an extremely common problem with new Canon cameras.

All that aside, below are a few of the photos from the shoot. I'm still learning lots but I ended up with quite a few that I'm happy with. I traded lenses with my photog buddy that I went with so I'll post the rest of the photos taken with his lens later this week. Any comments or critiques are welcome.

(See, I wasn't kidding about the wind!)


  1. That top one looks like a spider! Cool. I like the lines that run through it as well; Chops up the picture a bit. The colours and material give it a deserted feel, possibly steam punk or post apocalyptic. The only thing that seemed a bit off is contrast. It could be my laptop but it seemed too faded and needed a little more edge to it.

    The wheel shot is interesting because it's a bit off centre. The bottom and right edges are smaller than top and left. The shine makes it a bit surreal as well.

    Might be good to try some different angles. All these shots are straight on from the same standing position (or at least that's how it looks). Maybe try some different angles from below or above, up close etc.


  2. looks good can you title them? What is the one that Wade says looks like a spider?

  3. Funny, I had to google "steam punk", because I had no idea what it was. I do now though! There was a concrete foundation under that "metal spider" and the rebar had been twisted into those crazy shapes. My photog buddy and I figured it must have been an old structure that an artist got a hold of and molded into what is pictured there.

    The lens that I was shooting with was extremely wide angle. I found that it distorted the edges of every shot I took (a lot!) so I ended up taking most shots straight on. That being said, I did take a few of the wheel from a "ground looking up" angle and I think they turned out pretty good. I'll post some tonight or tomorrow.

    Also, thanks! Those are the exact kind of critiques I'm looking for.

  4. As for a title, I haven't titled most of the pictures because there are so many. So, let's put that one to a vote!

  5. Wow! For just starting out the pictures are really good.