Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Scott, the return of "Err 99" and Windy Photo Session, Part 2

I've been meaning to link to my buddy Scott's blog. Check it out here, he has some amazing shots! Scott is the one that I went on the photo shoot with last weekend.

"Err 99" has returned on our camera. I'm putting in a call to Canon tech support tomorrow. I know that everyone is glued to their seats waiting to find out what happens, so I'll let you know once I talk to them! All kidding aside, I'm really hoping that it won't cost us too much (the camera is 3 days short of a year old, so hopefully it's still under warranty and won't cost us anything).

Below are a couple more shots from the weekend.


  1. Link isn't working for me. Not sure why.

    That last picture, although contains the same content as your other wheeler, it has a completely different look to it. I really like that you can do that. The colour in this picture is really well done. The contrast between colours is very sharp and mixes well.

    The bottom third of the picture is a vibrant brick. Middle contains a streak of prairie yellow plus your focal point. Then the top is this really great prairie blue sky.

    It's too bad I'm looking at it on my laptop. It seems to fade a bit when I have it blown up. I think it's just my screen quality though. I have to tilt my laptop up just a bit to get the colour quality/contrast I like.