Saturday, February 19, 2011

This and that

The camera has been intermittent with the "Err 99" error since I cleaned the lens contacts and contacts on the body of the camera. I gave them a good cleaning and it's only happened once since. We checked our camera receipt and the camera was purchased on February 20th, 2010. So, it was just 3 days short of being outside the warranty when we contacted Canon. The camera has to be shipped to Mississauga on Tuesday so I'll be without for a couple of weeks at least (depending what Canon tech department finds).

I've been taking a lot of pictures around the house to try to get the error to return, here are a couple of samples (none with my youngest daughter in this batch...couldn't catch her while she was awake!).


  1. Top one is a great angle of Tash's face. The lighting brings out a nice vintage feel. I'd prefer the pic if it didn't cut off the top of her hair line/head. It's really nice though that the focus of the picture is not centered. It draws the observer more into the picture.

    Charlie you spooky lil' buggar! This picture comes off pretty spooky. The darkening of the borders gives it that semi "horror" feel and the upward angle gives him a very imposing powerful look. The lighting on his right cheek kind of warps his face. I'm not sure if it's personal opinion only, but I'd much prefer a more symmetric face. Maybe a soft flash or a slight reflection coming from the right side might brighten up the other side (hand mirror!).

    Keep 'em coming! These are really fun to look at.

  2. Dude, I had no idea you were so into photography!

  3. yes the top picture catches the essence of the model if the picture were centered a little more you would not notice the lack of definition on the left hand side. However the overall ambience of all 3 pictures is outstanding!!