Monday, April 25, 2011

Macro Rocks and Grass


  1. I really like the grass one. The line of the strand brings me all the way to the tip. Each goblet is really neat in that it has a really clear, inverted reflection! SO COOL!

    The only thing I might like a bit more is if the grass strand itself was brighter.

  2. I sent this photo to my buddy who's a total pro, he actually said something similar. He'd like it more if the blade of grass was brighter.

    Guess I'm not full of BS afterall!

  3. Are you talking colour in the tone of the grass or the lighting? I'm thinking that with the "pringles can" flash diffuser from my most recent post, I should be able to focus more light on the subject that I'm capturing. It should brighten things up as well as make them sharper.

  4. Yeah let's see how that goes! I'm really interested.

    Too bad you have to eat pringles though... :(