Sunday, March 27, 2011


I've been having a blast with the camera being back in the house. The only trouble is that I'm starting to annoy my subjects. So, I need a bit of a challenge. Does anyone have any ideas/requests/suggestions for a photograph subject? I'll do my best to come up with something for anything that anyone suggests. As for ideas, I'm open to anything except my family members, (cats included), since they have been the subjects of wayyyyy too many of my photos so far. So, let me know!


  1. Attempt Numero Deux (the last post was very long and was completely lost when I hit preview.)

    Photography is all about expression. Expression is can be broken into two points: expression through captivity and expression through subject.

    Most of what you show us is a unique view of normal things. You alter the angle, you change the lighting, you present fantastic colours. What about taking that same approach to the subject.

    Take this picture for example:

    The captivity of the picture is rather normal. The colours are as expected, the lighting isn't extreme and the angle is pretty straight forward. The subject on the other hand makes the picture interesting.

    Take that same approach with your next set of pics. Hit up a thrift shop and buy some old school toddler clothes. Dress Sammy up (Cheating, a lil). Then build a city with all her toys and blocks and have her rampage through it while you snap a bunch of pictures. Get down really low and make it as if you're one of the toys looking up in fear. Great black and white shot, especially with a little lense flair. Voila, attack of the 50 ft baby!

    (50 ft woman does not wear clothes appropriate for a baby so instead you get GOJIRA!)

    You have lots of instruments too. Give them personification by lining them up as if they are in a gang fight: Strings vs Stringless.

    Dress up an acoustic in indie style clothing, a pipe in hand sitting in a rocking chair reading a book.

    Take your electric out to a pub and have it drinking a beer.

    Take a bunch of choclate chip cookies and put them all on one side of the plate. Take a solo gingersnap and put it on the other side.

    Do it with chocolate cupcakes. Have a bunch covered in vanilla, have a bunch covered in chocolate. Take a bite out of each to show we're all the same on the inside.

  2. Ha! These are awesome. I'm going to run with some of these ideas. Of course, I'll have to give you creative production credit.

  3. By the way, I've been trying to work with the instrument idea. I haven't come up with anything I like though. I tried a few different things with guitars and books, to make them seem as if they were reading. It didn't really translate though. I'll keep working that angle though..