Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fruit battle/segregation

As per Tkins' suggestion in the comment section of this post, here are some apples and grapefruits arranged to show some very "human-like" ideas (I didn't have any I improvised!). I almost feel bad for that grapefruit in the last picture. He looks so lonely!


  1. I'd have to agree. The last one has some really nice texture come up from the wood (added detail). The "over the shoulder" kind of angle gives it some great personality.

    The middle one really drives home the point of what you're trying to display.

    The black and white doesn't quite stand on it's own, in my humble little opinion. As a set with the others though it does alright. It goes well with them.

    The colour in the last two are really nice. I enjoy the evening type lighting in the last picture as it feels kind of like the fruit is out walking home at night and 3 apples are about to beat it up.

    The middle one feels like a stand off. Kinda cool to try that again with some extra props. Like some "makeup" for the fruit. Cowboy hats? and boots kinda thing. A dust ball rolling by maybe? have a big banana holding it's little banana in fear haha

    Keep these up, I'm enjoying them!

  2. Thanks all! The little banana idea is pretty funny. We don't have any but I'll if I can use the idea on something else.

  3. I showed Loan the pics, immediately she said "aww that poor grapefruit!". That is really awesome, it shows that you're portraying a lot of emotion visually.

    She also agrees that the bottom two pics were more emotionally captivating than the first.